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What to Expect from Skilled Nursing Care

Nursing home attendant with female resident

At Shaker Place, our Skilled Nursing Care facility offers long-term, high-quality care to help residents maintain their quality of life and receive the specialized care they need. Our home-like setting offers a bridge between hospital care and home care. We provide round-the-clock medical care and supervision for residents by licensed and certified care providers. Below is more information on what you can except from our Skilled Nursing facility.

Comprehensive Medical Care

One of the best benefits of a skilled nursing care facility is the access to 24/7 medical care for your loved one. Our facility is comprised of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, and more who are specially trained to provide care and assistance with activities of daily living. Our medical team not only provides medical care but assists with administering medication, monitoring vitals, managing conditions, and many other services. Our medical staff work closely with individual resident physicians and other healthcare professionals to create, implement, and carefully monitor your loved one’s personal care plan.

Rehabilitation Services

At Shaker Place, our services also include on-site rehabilitation including physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, and speech therapy. Having rehabilitation services on hand can help residents regain their strength and mobility, whether they have had an injury, surgery, or experiencing impairments. Rehab services can significantly improve quality of life, mental health, and physical health!

Assistance With Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

Many seniors need help with activities of daily living as they age and begin having difficulty with their mobility or require assistance due to cognitive issues or injuries/illnesses. ADLs can include eating, dressing, bathing, moving, reaching, and more. Our goal is to ensure that our residents are able to maintain their health, hygiene, dignity, and feel as independent as possible.

Nutrition Management

Proper nutrition is incredibly important to seniors’ overall health. Our skilled nursing facility has a full-time registered dietician that will create a custom meal plan to ensure residents are meeting their specific dietary needs. Malnutrition can be common as seniors may forget to eat, or the need to meet their dietary need. Our team will ensure that they are getting delicious and nutritious meals.

Specialized Programs and End-of Life Care

Our facility is one of the few that offers an extensive array of clinical programming and specialized programs. Our experienced nursing team specializes in skincare programs and monitoring infectious diseases, our wound care program is staffed with a dedicated, certified wound care nurse to tend to severe wounds, and we also offer IV therapy, trach care, palliative care, and hospice care. It is our privilege to be there for your loved one, and to provide them with a warm and compassionate environment.

Learn More About Our Skilled Nursing Facility!

Here at Shaker Place, our resident-centered care facility aims to help each, and every resident achieve and maintain their highest level of physical and mental health and function. Our advanced medical resources allow your loved one to rest comfortably in a home-like setting, with access to care they would receive in a hospital. If your loved one is in need of skilled nursing care,  visit our website to set up a tour of our facility today!