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For Residents & Families

At Shaker Place Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, your family is our family. In August of 2022, our facility incorporated a new information technology system that will permit us to communicate with the responsible parties of our residents through our Electronic Medical Records/Point Click Care software system.

This newly incorporated technology system will allow us to schedule care plan meetings and communicate regularly with our resident’s responsible party about care management and changes to Shaker Place policies, procedures, health care updates, admissions practices, and informative medical releases.

We encourage our residents and their responsible parties to review all contact information shared with Shaker Place to ensure accuracy in lines of communication on all documents, forms, and this new technology system. To update contact details please reach out to your Shaker Place care manager or email us at [email protected].

At Shaker Place Rehabilitation & Nursing Center each resident is provided current policies of the facility during admission. The information below is the most current information available to Shaker Place Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. If you have questions or for more information regarding the below policies, please contact your care manager.

Recent Policies & Documentation

Medical Treatment Authorization and Consent
Welcome to Shaker Place Rehabilitation & Nursing Center
New Resident Room Form
Admissions Agreement
Smoking Policy
Photography Consent
New York State Family Health Care Decisions Act
End of Life Planning Information Advance Directives
Health Care Proxy
Authorization for Disclosure of Contact Information
Resident Mail
Personal Belongings Log
Personal Clothing Suggestions
Clothing Reimbursement Policy
Policies and Procedures for Resident’s Hamper
Your Rights as A Resident
Resident Code of Conduct
Notice of Privacy Practices
Visitation Rights Policy
Purpose and Procedures for Pet Visits Within the Facility
Documentation for Visiting Pets
Food Distribution to Residents
Basics for Handling Food Safely
Food Safety Policy
Other Charges You May Incur
Self-Administration of Medications
Shaker Place Contact Information
Emergency Operations Letter
Emergency Operations Plan
Licensure and Certification Surveys
Transfer and Discharge Resident Rights
Concern and Comment/Recommendation Tracking Log
Resident and Family Council
New York State Voter Registration Form
Medical Staff
Listing of Providers
Resident Information Applying for Medicaid Coverage
Resident Information: Medicare
Flu Vaccine Information
Covid-19 Vaccine Information
PCV13 Vaccine Information
PCV15/20 Vaccine Information

PPV Vaccine Information
Td Vaccine Information
Tdap Vaccine Information
Hepatitis B Vaccine Information
Hepatitis A Vaccine Information
Resident Contact Information NYSDOH
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