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Speech Therapy

speech therapists working with elderly patientsHere, at Shaker Place Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, we provide innovative speech services that are goal-oriented therapies. In our speech rehabilitation program, each resident is assessed and treated for communication problems and speech disorders. Our residents receive individualized care, as they work with our full-time, in-house staff trained in the most innovative and advanced speech therapy techniques. 

We’ll take a deep dive into our speech therapy services as well as how we address the needs of our residents. Let’s get started!

What is Speech Therapy? 

Speech therapy is a rehabilitation service that helps your loved one with communication issues, cognitive issues, and swallowing disorders due to neurological incidents, trauma, and cognitive impairments. 

Shaker Place’s speech therapy service’s ultimate goal is to improve your loved one’s communication skills. Some major reasons why speech therapy is needed in adults or the elderly include injuries or illnesses, such as stroke or brain injury. There can be several speech and language disorders treated with speech therapy. Some common speech disorders that require speech therapy services are articulation, fluency, resonance, receptive, expressive, cognitive-communication, aphasia, and dysarthria disorders.

Working alongside our in-house full-time speech therapist and staff, your loved ones will get the tools they need to recover. Speech therapy services usually begin with an assessment by a licensed speech therapist. From there, they’ll identify the type of communication disorder and the best way to treat it. They’ll also integrate into their speech therapy services exercises to help strengthen muscles, workbooks, and language development games and toys. 

What Speech Therapy Services are Available at Shaker Place? 

Our therapists and staff are fully trained to help your loved ones with any communication or difficulties in swallowing. In addition to this, your loved one’s speech therapist will work collaboratively with staff and other care providers. This allows them to make sure your loved one is receiving the latest therapeutic techniques to maximize their recovery. Some speech therapy services or programs your loved one may receive include:

  • Muscle retraining: this includes strengthening muscles for voice and swallowing.
  • Compensatory strategies: this involves learning new or different ways of completing a task.
  • Use of communication devices: this involves using a simple device to increase verbal speech.

Using these strategies, your loved one will increase their functional communication and cognitive skills as well as learn safe swallowing techniques. Along with the support of our speech therapists and staff, your loved one will get the help they need to address their specific needs.

Want to learn more about our speech therapy services: Contact Us! 

If your loved one could benefit from assisted living and speech therapy, contact us. We’ll be more than happy to discuss Shaker Place’s therapy department’s treatment plans, staff, and anything else you’d like to know about our rehabilitation services. 

Start giving your loved one the care they deserve to regain their independence by learning more about Shaker Place. For over 48 years, we’ve made our residents our top priority. All of our high-quality rehabilitation and care services continue to further this legacy.