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Social & Psychosocial Services

Working For Your Well-Being

Collage of images; Nurse combing residents hair, nurse comforting resident with hand on shoulderCompassionate. Caring. Attentive. Thorough. These are just some of the positive, inspiring words used to describe the staff at Shaker Place Rehabilitation and Nursing Center’s Social Services Department. Residents and their families can have peace of mind that their individual needs and concerns are our staff’s top priority. 

Upon admission, each resident is assigned a staff social worker whose job it is to ensure your general, daily needs are met. Your assigned social worker will also oversee your psychosocial well-being, keeping an eye out for a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues like depression, emotional disturbance, anxiety, or stress. If necessary, your social worker will collaborate with our medical and nursing staff to coordinate any psychological or psychiatric referrals. 

For short-term residents, our staff will handle your discharge planning, ensuring all your needs will be met once you leave our facility and return home. We will coordinate doctor’s appointments, arrange for any necessary equipment needed in your home, and make sure the environment you are returning to is safe for your needs.   

It’s not only our job, but our pleasure to work with you and your family to assist you through what can be a complicated Medicaid process. You may have questions such as, “Who pays for my stay?” and “How much do I need to contribute?” We’ll help navigate these questions and more as part of the admissions process and throughout your stay.

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