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Understanding the Benefits of Physical Therapy Rehab


The benefits of physical therapy rehabilitation services are endless for seniors and those who are recovering from injuries, surgeries, or suffering from chronic conditions. Physical therapy is a specialized branch of therapy that utilizes specific techniques and exercises to help residents regain strength, mobility, and the confidence to move around. Read below for more details on the benefits that PT provides.

Pain Relief

One of the most common reasons residents seek out physical therapy is to find relief and alleviate pain. Physical therapists will work to identify the cause of pain and develop a custom plan for each resident. Techniques to help with pain may include therapeutic exercises, electrical stimulation, heat and cold therapy, and more! By addressing the root cause of the pain, and strengthening your muscles, PT can help to provide long term relief, and reduce the amount of pain medication needed.

Improving Mobility

For aging seniors, loss of mobility can greatly impact their quality of life, and can even cause increased anxiety, loneliness, and depression. PT will help to restore mobility, balance, flexibility, and more. This will help to address challenges with walking, climbing stairs, reaching, and daily activities. Improving mobility is incredibly important for seniors, as they are at significant risk for falls, and seriously injuring themselves.

Reducing Post-Surgical Complications

After experiencing an injury or having surgery, it’s incredibly important to keep up with therapy recommended by your doctor. Post-surgical physical therapy can help to reduce recovery times, complications, and can help to ease pain and improve the outcome of the surgery. PT can also reduce the need for future surgeries by nurturing and moving the body with non-invasive techniques like exercising, stretching, and more.

Improving Mental Health

Another great benefit of physical therapy rehab is that it promotes overall health and wellness. PT, and physical therapists, provide emotional support and motivation to residents working towards a goal. Physical therapists not only work on the exterior of bodies, but they also teach coping strategies, stress management, and provide encouragement and socialization. All of this, plus the ability to improve their health, can help to improve their overall mental wellbeing. When seniors are able to get up, move about, and join in on social outings and events, their mental health can significantly improve. Isolation can have a great impact on seniors, and can lead to anxiety, depression, and a decline of physical and cognitive abilities.

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