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Respiratory Therapy Treatments and Their Benefits

Older man participating in breathing exercise

Respiratory Therapy is a specialized category of therapy services that aims to treat and manage respiratory issues. The objective of these services is to help patients breathe easier, improve lung function and capacity, and improve other symptoms associated with respiratory conditions. At Shaker Place, our respiratory therapy services are tailored to each residents’ specific needs and our ultimate goal is to improve our residents’ quality of life.

Our in-house, devoted respiratory team works with residents who are suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), occupational lung disease, emphysema, asthma, pulmonary and hypertension, and more. Before beginning treatment, our team will complete a comprehensive assessment of individual needs and will then identify needs and develop a plan of action to get back to optimal levels of function. We believe that respiratory therapy is essential and extremely beneficial for those with respiratory disorders. Working alongside our staff, your loved ones will receive the training and treatment they need to improve.

Breathing Techniques:

Our experienced team works with residents on establishing new breathing techniques to help them better manage their lung capacity and train their lungs to hold more oxygen, improving their ability to breathe. A few techniques we teach residents are equal breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, pursed-lip breathing, and breath focus breathing. All of these techniques were created to alleviate some of the burden of the issues they are facing.

Energy Conversation Methods:

Energy Conservation Methods are strategies we have developed to help residents perform their daily tasks in different ways in order to tax their body less and limit unnecessary strain on their lungs and breathing. There are many ways in which we will help them manage their tasks and activities, along with breathing techniques they can employ.

Oxygen Therapy:

Oxygen therapy is often used to treat more significant respiratory issues such as COPD, pneumonia, and severe asthma. Through this service, residents are taught to use a specific medical device that provides them with oxygen when needed. This type of service can help provide relief for those suffering from shortness of breath and can help residents feel less breathless throughout the day.

Exercise Counseling:

An extremely beneficial therapy service for those suffering from breathing issues is exercise counseling. During exercise counseling sessions, our team will work with your loved one through different forms of exercise to help them build and maintain endurance. Breathing exercises and light physical activity can help to strengthen your lungs and improve breathing.  

Learn More About Our Respiratory Therapy Services!

Here at Shaker Place, our medical staff has experience improving the lives of residents with chronic respiratory problems. If you or your loved one is suffering with breathing difficulties, give us a call today. We would be happy to walk you through our department’s treatment plans, staff experience, and answer any questions you may have. For more information about our respiratory therapy services and our Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, visit our website today!