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How to Help a Senior Transition to a Nursing Home?

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Nursing homes have continued to play important roles in the care for senior family members. According to the CDC, as of 2016, nursing homes in the US numbered close to 15,600 with 1.7 million licensed beds. Putting a family member in a nursing home may be one of the toughest decision’s families have to make. However, family members can work to make a senior’s transition to a nursing home easier. At Shaker Place, it is our goal to make the transition into our nursing home smooth for both the residents and their families.

Take a virtual tour of Shaker Place

This is a basic but crucial step. Once you tour Shaker Place Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, you will see what makes our facility different from the rest. For over 48 years, Shaker Place has been providing excellent care to the residents in Albany County. We offer quality programming with the latest technological advancements in therapies and care.

Shaker Place offers both private and semi-private room options for residents. We want our residents to feel at home and we encourage all to add elements of home. When taking a virtual tour of Shaker Place, make sure you check out the calendar of events and dining options. Nothing makes the transition easier than a familiar activity or favorite food option.

Get them involved in the process and listen

When looking to make the transition easier, it may be a good idea to include your loved one in the decision-making process. Ask their opinion after the tour and see what amenities and activities are important to them.

Give your loved one time to adjust to life at Shaker Place

Nothing is more heart wrenching than hearing your loved one miss home. It can take up to six months for seniors to adjust to a nursing home environment. It is best to give this process time and let them move at their own pace. Many seniors feel like they have lost some sort of independence and the staff at Shaker Place is here to help them through the transition. Shaker Place offers a wide variety of daily activities they can participate in as well as an outdoor courtyard with benches and walking paths to explore.

Visit with your loved one often

When transitioning your loved one to a nursing home, it is important to visit with them often. This can be done virtually through Skype or FaceTime or in person pending facility guidelines. Interacting with a loved one and feeling like they are heard can help make the transition easier. Over time your loved one will make friends.

Reassure them that their time at Shaker Place will be a great one

Family members should assure their loved ones that their relationships with them will not change. Shaker Place is a wonderful facility aimed at keeping our seniors safe and helping them when needed. At Shaker Place, you’ll notice that the little things make all the difference. Whether it’s a warm smile, a caring touch, or a lively conversation, our compassionate staff care for our residents like family.

We are here to help transition your loved one to a long-term care facility. Our dedicated staff at Shaker Place Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is here to answer any questions you may have. Please call us at (518) 869-2231 or email today.