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Shaker Place Rehabilitative Therapy

woman doing physical therapy

Shaker Place Rehabilitation & Nursing Center specializes in goal-oriented rehabilitative therapies to help both long- and short-term care residents recover from injury or illness. Our brand-new designated rehabilitation wing allows for the most innovative and advanced therapy techniques to be performed in order to help residents quickly regain their independence.

The Shaker Place Difference

Shaker Place’s recent $80 million dollar renovation included a brand new, beautiful, state-of-the-art rehabilitation center. The Shaker Place Rehab Department is staffed with experienced therapists who provide high-quality care for our short-term rehab and long-term care residents. We have 9 full-time therapists each with over 20 years of experience. Our exceptional rehabilitation staff includes a Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults (CEEAA), along with therapists who specialize in amputee rehabilitation, balance and fall prevention, manual lymphatic drainage, manual joint mobilization, muscle energy technique, myofascial release, neurodevelopmental treatment, vestibular rehabilitation, wound care and so much more. We also have therapists who speak Spanish, Italian, and sign language.

Shaker Place’s rehabilitation center places an emphasis on quality care. We work to pair the same therapists with residents to ensure consistency and comfortability. Our rehabilitation residents thrive and progress much faster when they are able to work with the same therapist daily and it also helps our staff plan the best course of treatment based on each resident’s progress.

The new rehabilitation facility is equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment such as an Arjo Sara Plus Gait Training machine, Kore Balance machine for balance training, a Nu Step Upper Extremity exercise machine for increasing upper extremity range of motion, strength, and endurance, a Nu Step Lower Extremity exercise machine for increasing lower extremity range of motion, strength, and endurance, and Electrical Stimulation machine to decrease joint and muscle pain and promote healing of soft tissue injuries, and much more. For long-term care residents who like to remain active, they can also sign up for the Open Gym Program and are able to use the equipment under the supervision of the therapy staff.

In the specialized Occupational Therapy room, the space is set up to treat an array of injuries of our short-term rehab and long-term care residents. The new ADL suite is complete with a kitchen, laundry area, and handicapped bathroom where our rehab residents can practice their daily living activities prior to returning home. The space is also fitted with a therapy car which can be adjusted to the height of the resident’s own car. This allows residents to practice car transfers prior to returning home.

Occupational and Physical Therapies after an accident or illness can help determine the level of care someone needs and can help in the recovery to regain independence. OT and PT can be needed at all ages and life stages and the professionals at Shaker Place Rehabilitation & Nursing Center can work with you to design a treatment plan that is right for you.

To speak to someone about Shaker Place’s rehabilitation services, please call (518) 869-2231 or email us at [email protected].