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Your Guide to Visiting a Loved One in a Nursing Home

grandparents holding two young children

A visit from a friend or family member can put a smile on a resident’s face and help break up a typical day. It can also make them feel connected to their family and keeps their memory sharp!

While some people visit often, others avoid doing so for fear of awkward encounters. You may feel uncomfortable or worry that you won’t have much to talk about with your loved one. With some thoughtful planning, you’ll be able to have a meaningful visit that will brighten your loved one’s day and make them feel cared about.

How to Have a Successful and Fun Visit

The visiting hours at Shaker Place are between 10 AM and 8 PM daily. Most residents have the most energy in the morning or after lunch but plan your visit around when you know your family member will be up for it.

When you come, feel free to bring a small gift or something from home. Flowers, a picture frame, a book, or even just a drawing done by their grandchild are all great options! If you choose to bring a clothing item as a gift, please note that is must be labeled by the facility seamstress. Any décor or furniture items you bring cannot infringe upon the rights of roommates, others, or impede the ability to provide care and treatment.

Below are some more helpful tips to consider before visiting Shaker Place.

  • Show up with a positive attitude!
  • Turn off your phone and truly be present during your visit. Your loved one will notice if you’re distracted and seem like you’d rather be someplace else.
  • Bring your children! Our residents love to brag about their grandchildren and a visit from them is truly special. Have your children make a drawing or craft to bring with them to be hung up in the room.
  • Bring items with you like photo albums or home movies on a laptop. Your loved one will enjoy taking a trip down memory lane. They’ll also appreciate the effort you made to make the visit special and exciting.
  • Plan your visit around activities. If you’re worried about what to say or do during your visit, coming for a specific activity is a valuable way to spend time together. Take a look at our calendar of daily events to start planning your visit!
  • Give yourself enough time to spend together. There’s no limit on the length of your visit so enjoy the time you have!
  • Go for a walk in our courtyards if possible. The fresh air is always enjoyable, and you’ll be helping your friend or family member get some valuable exercise.
  • Make your loved one feel important by telling them you love them, giving hugs, holding their hand, and updating them on yourself and others in their life.
  • Plan regular visits so your loved one has something to look forward to. Another option is to create a group of friends and family who agree to visit on a rotating schedule. This way your friend or family member will know that someone is always coming to visit soon!

Getting Involved at Shaker Place

If you would like to be more involved with your loved one’s life at Shaker Place, consider joining our Family Council. The council meets September through May on the third Wednesday of each month. Any resident family member is invited to attend to share questions and concerns of family members. For more information, contact Renee Barchitta at 518-366-7207 or by email at [email protected]