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The Benefits of Respiratory Therapy for COPD Patients

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a chronic respiratory disease that affects millions of people worldwide. COPD causes severe breathing difficulties and can significantly impact a person’s quality of life. One treatment option that has been proven effective in managing COPD symptoms is respiratory therapy! Learn from our Shaker Place team about the benefits of RT for COPD below.


Respiratory Therapy Explained:

Respiratory Therapy is a specialized healthcare area that focuses on the prevention, treatment, and management of respiratory diseases. RT therapists are trained to assess and treat patients with respiratory disorders like COPD. At Shaker Place, our full-time respiratory therapists work one-on-one with residents to assess their needs and develop tailored treatment plans to get them back to optimal levels of functions and improve their quality of life. Our RT services include breathing techniques, energy conservation methods, oxygen therapy, exercise counseling, and more.

Benefits of Respiratory Therapy for COPD:

Improved Breathing

One of the primary benefits of respiratory therapy services for those with COPD is improved breathing. Respiratory therapists use many different techniques to help reduce shortness of breath, improve oxygen saturation levels, and increase lung capacity.

Improved Stamina

COPD can make it incredibly difficult to engage in physical activity due to breathing issues. RT can help to improve stamina by strengthening the respiratory muscles and increasing lung capacity. This is beneficial for many reasons! Improved stamina means individuals will have the ability to move around more and can work on maintaining their physical strength. It will also help them to participate in activities that they may have been unable to before. This can improve mental health as well as physical health, improving overall quality of life.

Reduce Hospitalizations

A major benefit of RT is that those with COPD are at an increased risk of hospitalizations due to their severe symptoms and therapy can help to reduce the frequency of symptom flair ups, leading to fewer hospital visits. Personalized treatment plans help to manage specific symptoms and keep them at a manageable level.

Improved Quality of Life

As previously mentioned, COPD can have a significant impact on a resident’s day to day life and overall quality of life. COPD can make it difficult to perform daily actions and feel confident enough to enjoy activities or relax. RT can help to reduce symptoms and help residents to feel more comfortable.

Increased Knowledge  

Respiratory therapists help to manage all aspects of having COPD. They provide education and support, which could include education about medications, techniques and exercises to manage symptoms, and lifestyle changes that can also help to improve symptoms. Not only do they provide physical support and exercises, but they also provide emotional support to those coping with and living with COPD.

Learn More About our Respiratory Therapy Services!

Respiratory therapy is an incredibly valuable treatment option for those with COPD. RT can help to improve breathing, increase stamina, reduce hospitalizations, improve quality of life, and more. If you or your loved one is suffering from COPD, or any other respiratory disease, contact our team today to learn more about the benefits of respiratory therapy services.