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10 Ways to Boost Psychological Health for Seniors

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Though most seniors are in good mental health, many older adults are at risk of developing neurological and mental health disorders, including depression. While it’s normal to feel down from time to time, depression is much more than feeling sad or blue; it’s a medical condition that can have serious physical effects on your overall health. Experts agree, that staying physically healthy, socially active, and mentally engaged as you age are keys to boosting senior psychological health. Here are ten ways to keep up mental health in seniors:

10 Ways to Boost Psychological Health for Seniors

  1. Be physically active each day.

Exercise is essential for both the body and mind. Go for a daily walk around the courtyards or exercise in the recently renovated rehabilitation or therapy room.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet.

Eating a balanced healthy diet is key to maximizing brain function and improving overall health. Enjoy a delicious meal prepared by a culinary chef in one of the eight-country kitchens.

  1. Practice using your memory.

Regularly engaging in memory exercises can help improve both short and long-term recall. Some fun ideas for practicing memory skills are doing math in your head, drawing a map of somewhere you have been recently, or memorizing the lyrics to a popular song.

  1. Play Brain Games.

Brain-training games can help keep seniors sharp for many years. Whether it’s the daily crossword puzzle, Sudoku, Scrabble or other games, make an effort to engage in games or puzzles that make you think.

  1. Learn something new.

Learning something new can leave seniors with a heightened sense of accomplishment after they master it. It also acts as an exercise and a motivational boost for the brain. This can be anything from learning a new recipe to learning a new hobby or language.

  1. Make new friends.

Seniors who socialize and interact frequently with others have improved memory and cognitive skills. We recognize our residents are extraordinary men and women who are accomplished, connected, and cultured individuals. Seniors can make new friends through our daily activities designed to keep you or your loved one entertained, challenged, and certainly never bored through activities they enjoy.

  1. Get involved with the community.

Volunteering or giving back can give seniors a feeling of happiness and self-worth. Seniors can engage in many community activities like writing cards to our troops.

  1. Take advantage of technology.

Taking advantage of technology allows seniors to connect with loved ones, watch movies, listen to podcasts about their favorite topics, as well as research and learn new things.

  1. Try meditation.

Those who meditate regularly stand by the benefits that include increasing mindfulness, revitalizing the mind, body, and soul, and help in developing better capabilities for managing stress.

  1. Try counseling or therapy.

Counseling from a trained professional will help treat depression, the most common mental health problem in older adults. Social workers work with medical and nursing staff to oversee the social and psychological health of residents and can coordinate referrals.

Staying healthy is not just staying physically healthy but also boosting psychological health. For seniors, this is more important than ever before. To speak to someone about boosting psychological health for seniors or any of our rehabilitation and nursing services, please call (518) 869-2231 or email us at [email protected].