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The Complete Guide to Short Term Rehab for Seniors

short term rehab

As adults age, recovering from injuries, surgeries, and other painful events may require some additional care to help support a healthy recovery. Some doctors may recommend a short-term rehab program to assist with this.

Short-term rehab is an excellent way for seniors to get back on their feet after an injury or surgery. These programs offer physical and occupational therapy services that address specific issues to help seniors get back into their daily lives.

What is Short-Term Rehab?

Short-term rehab is a type of inpatient care that provides 24/7 medical supervision and therapy for patients who need to recover from an illness, injury, or surgery. This type of care is usually recommended by doctors when patients have been hospitalized due to a serious condition like a stroke or heart attack. They may also recommend this type of care if the patient has recently undergone major surgery like joint replacement or cardiac bypass surgery.

The end goal of this type of rehab is to help the patients return to their level of autonomy before they were sick, injured, or had surgery performed on them. While in this type of care, patients will have constant access to medical professionals who can provide any necessary treatments for their condition. These treatments may include physical and occupational therapy to improve their mobility and regain strength in their muscles after an injury or illness has occurred.

How Short is Short-Term Rehab?

Short-term rehab usually lasts between three days and two weeks, though it can last longer depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. Patients typically spend their first few days adapting to their new surroundings before beginning physical therapy or other treatment options.

The amount of time spent in rehabilitation depends on several factors, including: 

  • Age: the older someone is, the longer it takes for them to recover
  • Condition: some conditions require more intensive treatment than others
  • Coverage level: if your loved one has limited financial resources, they may not be able to afford an extended stay

Depending on the patient’s coverage level and the extent of their necessary treatment, Medicare may cover all or part of the rehab.

Types of Services Offered Through Short-Term Rehab

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is designed to help improve your loved one’s ability to perform daily activities such as dressing, bathing, toileting, and eating. The goal is for seniors to become as independent as possible to pursue a fulfilling and productive life.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a hands-on treatment that helps patients in all phases of healing, from the initial diagnosis to the therapeutic and preventive stages of recovery. Physical therapy can be used as a standalone option or may support other treatments.

Physical therapists evaluate and treat abnormal physical function to help regain or maintain as much independent function as possible. They use hands-on treatment techniques, including therapeutic exercise, manual therapy (massage), electrotherapy (electrical stimulation), and functional training to restore mobility and relieve pain.

Respiratory Therapy

This service focuses on helping your loved one learn how to breathe efficiently and adequately after an illness or injury. It will also teach them how to conserve energy, so they do not use too much oxygen when breathing. Breathing techniques and energy conservation methods are taught during this therapy session.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a rehabilitation service that helps your loved one with issues regarding communication, cognitive abilities, and the ability to swallow. The speech therapist will work closely with your loved one to improve their ability to communicate effectively with others. Learn more about our speech therapy goals.

Other Services and Amenities

Medical Supervision and Medication Administration, If Necessary

If your loved one recently had surgery, a doctor must supervise their recovery process so that any complications can be caught before they become serious problems. A doctor may also prescribe medications to help manage pain during recovery and prevent possible infections while the body heals.

Nutritious Meals to Support Healing and Recovery

Nutritious meals are an essential component of any recovery process. A well-balanced diet will help patients recover from surgery or illness while providing the nutrients they need to maintain their health long after their discharge from care.

Get Short-Term Rehab for Seniors in the Capital Region

Short-term rehab for seniors is a great solution for seniors who need to recuperate from surgery, illness, or injury. Whether your loved one is recovering from a stroke or hip replacement surgery or just looking to get back on their feet after a lengthy hospital stay, Shaker Place in Albany, NY, provides the ideal setting for their recovery needs.

Focusing on recovery and rehabilitation, our caring and compassionate staff works closely with each resident to create an individualized treatment plan. We provide occupational, physical, respiratory, and speech therapies to our residents. Additionally, our facility has eight country kitchens and multiple delicious and nutritious other dining options that offer choices for all tastes. To learn more, schedule a tour with us today!