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Meet The Staff At Shaker Place: Kayleigh Pierce

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It is no secret that the last couple months have been a very demanding and emotional time for residents, staff, and families. We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate Kayleigh Pierce, a member of our staff who has gone above and beyond her job responsibilities not only for the residents, but also for her fellow staff, in order to create efficiency and ease throughout Shaker Place.

Kayleigh is the type of person to help wherever she can, and when the Shaker Place Clinic Coordinator retired, Kayleigh immediately stepped into that role and assumed the responsibilities without question. In addition to maintaining her own duties, she has also taken on the role of training new staff members; she has met each new responsibility with excitement and professionalism. This, combined with her caring and compassionate nature, pushes her above and beyond the call of duty.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to stop visitations to Shaker Place Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. Understanding that this was going to be an exceedingly difficult and hard transition, Kayleigh was one of the first staff members to volunteer in helping residents arrange weekly phone calls and FaceTime visits with their families. There was one resident in particular that Kayleigh made sure to set up a FaceTime call almost every single day as she knew how important it was to this resident and his family; She became a lifeline to this resident.

With new regulations set forth during the pandemic, Kayleigh has also been an instrumental part of the resident and staff COVID-19 testing. She did so without hesitation and with a caring and positive attitude. It is her strong leadership and positivity that make Kayleigh such an integral part of the Shaker Place team.

There is not a day that Kayleigh leaves the building without first checking to see if there is anything else she can do to help. Not only does she perform her duties above and beyond expectations, she always does so with a smile on her face.

Kayleigh’s respect for residents, co-workers, family members and volunteers make her an amazing co-worker and individual. We are so lucky to have her as part of our amazing staff at Shaker Place Rehabilitation & Nursing Center.