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Staff Social Worker

Job Overview

Distinguishing Features Of the Class

Provides social work services to clients of the Departments of Mental Health and Children, Youth and Families as well as the Albany County Nursing Home. These duties require the performance of social work in helping clients with social, emotional and related difficulties associated with their behavioral health disorders.   The work is performed within prescribed routines with some leeway permitted in determining the services to be rendered in helping the clients to adjust into their old or new environment.  The Staff Social Worker functions under a supervisor who defines or limits the work to be performed.  Does related work as required.

Typical Work Activities

  • Participates in the intake and screening of new patients, evaluating and diagnosing the patient and their problems, and in the development of treatment plans;
  • Collects information pertaining to the client’s history including education, medical, psychological, and social experiences and supported by a psychiatric evaluation;
  • Provides social work services to help patients recover from their disabilities and social environment;
  • Refers clients to other governmental and non-governmental agencies to obtain services to meet the client’s needs
  • Coordinates various activity and treatment programs with other social agencies, such as psychology, medical, psychiatric, social, educational, legal, housing, and financial services;
  • Records necessary pertinent information per State rules, regulations and local policy utilizing a personal computer;
  • Evaluates a client’s response to services obtained in accordance with the treatment plan and makes modifications and changes as needed to ensure stability;
  • Meets with supervisors and team members to discuss a client’s progress in response to the treatment plan;
  • Plans with the clinical team and with community agencies to relate the patients treatment and rehabilitation program to his social situation prior to his discharge;
  • Prepares a discharge plan for less structured programs for clients who are stable and no longer require departmental services;
  • Maintains information on community and health resources which can be utilized during the patient’s care and subsequent to his discharge;
  • Meets with service providers to evaluate client’s progress for services received during the client’s care and subsequent to his discharge from the mental health program
  • When working with Mobile Crisis Team, may be designated as shift leader or assistant shift leader in overseeing the non-supervisory responsibilities of the clinical operation of an assigned shift in the absence of the supervisor.

Full Performance Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics

  • Good knowledge of the practices and procedures of social work and of the social factors affecting disease and disability;
  • Good knowledge of community resources available to provide services to the mentally ill;
  • Ability to get along well with persons in need of behavioral health services;
  • Ability to organize casework effectively;
  • Ability to receive and follow oral and written directions;
  • Ability to interpret federal, state and local laws affecting the medical and health programs;
  • Ability to prepare reports and maintain records utilizing a personal computer;
  • Mental alertness; tact and courtesy;  good judgment;
  • Good powers of observation and analysis;
  • Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

Minimum Qualifications

Possession of a Master’s Degree in Social Work from a graduate school of social work approved by the New York State Department of Education and must be licensed as a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) at time of appointment.

Special Requirement

At time of appointment and throughout employment:

  1. Successful clearance of criminal background check facilitated through New York State Office of Mental Health.
  2. For DCYF location, successful clearance from the State Central Registry in the New York State Office of Children and Family Services and the State Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs (Background investigations are conducted by the appointing authority).
  3. Possession of a valid New York State driver’s license.
  4. Must be licensed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) within four (4) years of appointment.