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Activities Assistant

Job Overview

Distinguishing Features Of the Class

This is non-technical work involving responsibility for performing routine tasks by assisting in the conduct of a varied program of diversified, meaningful and appropriate leisure time activities with patients* in a residential health care facility which are not required to be performed by professional activities personnel. Incumbents may also be required to carry out routine housekeeping and helper tasks allied with the activities program as assigned.  The position is similar to other non-professional positions in the health care field such as Occupational Therapy Aide or Physical Therapy Aide, but is concerned entirely with functions of the leisure time activities program.  The work is performed under the direct supervision of a higher ranking leisure time activities program employee. Incumbents receive on-the-job training in routine leisure time activities program duties.  Supervision of the work of others is not a responsibility of employees in this class.  The incumbent does related work as required.

Typical Work Activities

  • Assists patients in craft projects and other leisure time activities;
  • Prepares equipment, supplies and facilities for special entertainment, individual and/or group activities;
  • Assists in organizing and participating in games and other forms of leisure time activities;
  • Attends and participates in the facility’s in-service training program;
  • Aids with arrangements for movies, picnics, theme days and other events;
  • Aids in inventory, cleaning and storage of activities supplies and equipment;
  • Maintains simple records and reports.

The following may be performed depending upon the nature of the facility program

  • Visits patients and provides company and conversation;
  • Aids in the preparation and serving of refreshments during activities programs;
  • Distributes birthday gifts, cakes, cards for various occasions and other personal items;
  • Assists with assessment of patients’ interests;
  • Assists with development of the leisure time activities program schedules;
  • Transports patients to stores, movies, sporting events, etc.;
  • Lifts and helps move patients.

Full Performance Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Personal Characteristics

  • Working knowledge of basic arts, crafts, games, sports, hobbies and other appropriate leisure time activities used in residential health care facility;
  • Ability to stimulate and maintain patients’ participation and interest in the facility’s leisure time activities program;
  • Ability to understand the problems and attitudes of ill, aged and handicapped persons and their relation to participating in a leisure time activities program;
  • Ability to work with volunteers;
  • Ability to maintain simple records and reports;
  • Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

Minimum Qualifications

Possession of a high school equivalency diploma.